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On Raw the saga of Jason Jordan continues. WWE knows that sympathy for Jordan is lacking and when you try to manufacture a try-hard underdog the audience will rebel. You are only manufacturing a whining borderline entitled brat. But I suppose Jason Jordan can help Roman Reigns look amazing. Because in comparison to Jordan, Reigns looks like a seasoned and deserving veteran. Jordan is being placed in main event storylines before spending proper time in lower and mid card squabbles. I believe creative is aware that this will garner boos and that is why they are doing it. Jason Jordan is not being built, Jason Jordan is a tool in the machine and like Reigns said “Stay in your lane son”.
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I want the Nia Jax crush on Enzo to materialize into a Helga HeyArnold situation. I want to see her have a wax shrine immortalizing Enzo in his shuffle dance. Let’s see Enzo manage Nia and fall in love with Nia’s ability to toss him around like a rag doll.

Looking at Paige’s facial expressions her dark eyes, pale white skin and red lips absolutely reminds me of the Joker. She has become Raw’s top heel and proved to still have it in the ring. In one of the many PPV quality matches on Raw Paige was able to take advantage of a distracted Sasha Banks to devastate her with a Rampaige. For the second consecutive week ‘Absolution’ circled around Asuka and the question is, Are they teasing an attack or a recruitment. Paige has been elevating the division on Raw and her cronies are playing their roles of being true followers. I don’t believe I can say the same over on Smackdown. Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan feel more like three women thrown together. It is a case where each of them having and highlighting their different personalities hurts them as a unit. On Raw Mandy and Sonya are not getting much mic time and it helps the unity of the ‘Absolution’ faction to just have that one consistent and solid voice in Paige. ‘The Riot Squad’ sound like they are each delivering separate messages, yes it has an underlying theme of just taking over the division but their distinct accents and gimmicks muddies the intentions… But in positive news. Long Live the Liv Spin.
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Smackdown has been performing like the B show as of late. Clash of Champions is a Smackdown PPV but yet nothing has felt to be leading up to it. Raw has been performing as the show with the upcoming ppv. The crowds can be playing a role in this as LA is becoming a Hot market to rival the likes of Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Philadelphia, and the sometimes dreadful Brooklyn. Still Smackdown does not seem to building any personal and volatile feuds like Raw has been. Smackdown can use The Miz when he returns, he can help elevate men like Bobby Roode and Nakamura.

I’m excited for WWE to use the Woken Matt Hardy as a litmus test to see how familiar WWE fans are with other wrestling programing. Broken Matt Hardy was the hottest thing on the internet a year ago and now he has the machine of WWE behind him. Kudos to the editing team for going back and forth, betweening Bray and Matt’s dueling laughs, that one extra time for comedic effect. Let’s keep this program tucked into video packages and keep both men out of the ring. Matthew Hardy was only a vessel and now creativity has been Woken.

Match of the Week: Sasha Banks vs Paige
Quote of the week: All of Woken Hardy

Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling.

Raw / Smackdown Is….

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Survivor Series has lived up to its billing as one of WWE’s four cornerstone pay per views. I appreciate the division of a year into four quarters. They all open up opportunities for a shake up and fresh opportunities. With Royal Rumble serving more as a catapult to lead to Wrestlemania, Survivor Series and Summerslam are supposed to shine in creating new tones in direction. This year Survivor Series has outdone Summerslam in its build and post to the event.

It has not been flawless however. I fear that we’ll have another unexplained and unresolved action from The Authority/Triple H. It was a perplexing conclusion to the main event. I think WWE has decided on what Triple H will be doing come Wrestlemania and the main event served as a catch all for him. Angle vs The King of Kings, Braun vs The Cerebral Assassin, Shane vs The Game. Who knows right now \_oo_/.
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I don’t know if it’s his stance with The Shield or if I’ve gone soft on the Roman Reigns project, but I am in favor of him carrying the Intercontinental Championship. This does come with some caveats. First I do not want to see him carrying the title slinged over his back like he did with the US Championship. Mick Foley stopped an in ring promo to place it in front of your chest for a reason, because that is the spot it is supposed to be in. Show respect to the belt in how you wear it. Secondly be the workhorse you are claiming to be. The Intercontinental Championship is the Workhorse Title. Bring the open challenge to it and elevate others with your matches. Roman has gotten good in the ring and he’s had great matches with experienced men. I now want to see if he can carry younger talent to help get them over through in ring performance. Third, and this will come more from creative, allow Roman to be more natural on the mic. Cut back on his scripting. He has The Shield to lean on, let him take advantage of that protection. Finally I am a large proponent of The Miz having the IC Title, but he has to go off and do a movie and have a kid. So if he had to drop it I’m glad he went out with a good showing.

Gosh darn is Paige a nature on that microphone. Setting up the phrase “I’m Baack” can be very cheesy but Paige pulls it off. Her arrival shakes up a stale Women’s division that no longer only needs to have a championship story line. The same can be said over on Smackdown. Ruby Riot is not Paige and she should not try to be. The comparison might be unfair but I can’t help but draw them when they are only a night apart. Ruby seems like a defacto leader by virtue of being the first to speak and standing in the center. Paige looks like a leader by how she speaks and her actions being at the center. The Woman’s Division needed disruption before we entered the carousel wheel of the whole roster coming down the ring telling us why they deserve a title shot.

Match of the Week: AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar
Honorable mention Velveteen Dream vs Aleister Black
Quote of the Week:
He’s got you there, Kurt.
Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling

Raw / Smackdown Is….

With Survivor Series being such a loaded card and the build having been well executed because of sudden changes I didn’t need a heavy set of go home shows because I’m already sold. But I should address the uncomfortable breaking of Jason Jordan. I felt Jordan’s sadness but for all the wrong reasons. I saw a man breaking down due to the failure that his gimmick has become. He wasn’t begging to remain on the Survivor Series team. He was begging for someone to save him from his current spot in the WWE. Having Jason Jordan almost crying and begging to stay in a match that no one wants him in did him no favors this week. He has not earned any emotional attachment. Everything has been too forced with Jordan, they were reaching too far. He even spoke the company line of “Survivor Series is the one time of the year that Raw and Smackdown..” Blah blah. Why are you saying that during all of your heartbreak. It’s time for Jordan to become the rebellious teenage son Kurt never had. However I suspect Angle’s GM days are coming to an end. And he’ll be preoccupied with Triple H.

WWE should be credited more for their use of social media. Look to Baron Corbin and The Miz building a feud solely through social content. It’s a testament to how dynamic sports entertainment can be. Fans might have to dig a bit to find the story of this match on Sunday but it is well worth it.

Match of the Week: Natalya vs Charlotte Flair
Quote of the Week:

Survivor Series predictions.
Alex Bliss vs Charlotte Flair – My expectation of Raw winning the Survivor Series match due to having an unbeatable Asuka has factored in to my prediction. My other factor is I expect Paige to arrive and be on the Smackdown team. I also expect her to betray someone in order to get her into a storyline. I then foresee a roster swap where Carmella makes room on the Smackdown roster for Paige by cashing in her Money In The Bank against a wounded Alexa Bliss. WINNER- CHARLOTTE

The Miz vs Baron Corbin – The heel vs heel bout will quickly gain a fan favorite in the form of The Miz. Expect Miz to take the grunt of punishment in this match and then pull off his most Daniel Bryan like comeback possible with a cheating twist. The Miz has earned this high profile win and creative will give it to him while Corbin was in the doghouse not too long ago. WINNER- THE MIZ

The Bar vs The Usos – These two teams have put in fantastic matches all year. I do have to factor in that The Bar are going to have to have that Shield rematch where they’ll lose the titles. Does that mean WWE would want to make them look strong here? Or would they like The Usos to remain strong as they’ll be holding on to their titles for some time. I will go with the latter. WINNER- THE BAR

The Shield vs The New Day – One of the nights fantasy matches, however I can’t see The Shield taking any losses until a plan is set to break them up. WINNER- THE SHIELD

Smackdown Women vs Raw Women – Paige and Asuka are the determining factors of this match. Asuka can’t lose and Paige needs to make an impact on her return. I expect Paige to abandon Becky Lynch and Asuka to dominate. WINNER- RAW WOMEN

AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar – I just saw a Twitter headline saying “Speculation Regarding The Finish of Brock Lesnar v AJ Styles” So I am going to go with my wishful thinking finish. Brock puts on the longest match of his career. Jinder comes to interfere but fails and AJ overcomes the odds. WINNER- AJ STYLES

Raw Men vs Smackdown Men – The primary outcome for this will be to set up Kurt Angle vs Triple H. Kurt has been belittled for weeks now and it is time for him to snap. Raw pride be damned Kurt is going to rage out on Triple H and allow Smackdown to swoop in for a win. WINNER- SMACKDOWN

Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling

RAW / Smackdown Is….

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What has just happened?!?! Put WWE in scramble mode and we get pleasant surprises. Two major title changes that now make Survivor Series have a better build than SummerSlam. Here are the hows and whys for the changes.

On Smackdown AJ Styles faced Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. Conventional thinking had me figuring that Jinder will retain the title because of India. I also figured a title won’t switch hands on Smackdown being that it hasn’t happen in nearly 15 years. Finally the show was in UK which a title change never happens at. My theories began to change however when commentary mentioned all of these facts and foreshadowed the outcome. Jinder Mahal has always been a controversial champion and WWE can work with controversy and stick with it to a point. That point is when you have a huge event and you are promoting a mass media grabbing match with Brock Lesnar. Jinder being a champion and holding onto it because it is controversial just isn’t a worthy reason or logic for him to main event with the likes of Brock. Brock needed someone with value and respect and AJ Styles is that guy. Jinder was not a convincing champion to the fans and if you can’t convince the fans that Jinder would have a chance against Brock than what would the point of the competition be. How would that match have gone. To the majority of fans the logical conclusion would’ve been a squash match. Jinder winning wouldn’t have been believable at all and probably further hurt WWE’s credibility with the Championship. If Jinder hung toe to toe with Brock to then lose I would’ve thought it hurt guys like Samoa Joe and Braun. I do not want to get too excited for AJs reign as it might consist of a loss to Brock and then with an India Live Tour incoming I can see Jinder winning it back in his homeland. But for the moment and for Survivor Series, everything is aces.

On Raw The Bar stole one. Taking advantage of the distraction caused by New Day. Raw Tag Titles changed hands and we are going to be given a more unpredictable bout between The Usos and The Bar. Prior plans would’ve had The Shield winning over Usos but now I can see The Usos coming in as faces and getting Smackdown a W. That leaves the dream match of WWE’s strongest stables being pitted against one another. I also think that WWE accidentally backed into making The New Day heels for this encounter. They have been the aggressors in leading the charge against Raw and have become occasional bullies. A current episode of Table for 3 had the Shield reminiscing and hoping to get another chance for a crazy six man tag match, and The New Day are a perfect fit to make that come true. I’m expecting The Shield to pop up on Smackdown and do what they do and that is cause destruction and triple powerbomb Big E.
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These wonderful curveballs are what make all the bad and boring (and there can be A LOT of bad and boring) of the WWE tolerable. When it’s bad it’s bad but when it’s good it’s actually GREAT, AWESOME, AWE INSPIRING.
Aawww Renee Young it’s been too long since I’ve highlighted how great you are at your job. Respect that adorableness and professionalism to your “Impartialness” despite your husband going up against The Bar. You are more over than Roman.

A large take away from the week should be that WWE did an intergender match. Grant it it was a safe choice when you use an emasculated James Ellsworth. Of all the women in the roster Becky Lynch has the most range. She can play the cheeseball, the leader, the pun extraordinaire, and an intimidating ass kicker all in a convincing manner. I would’ve made a bigger deal of this but because it was mostly a comedic match, I don’t foresee more of these pairings in the future.

Quote of the Week: Miz- Let me tell you something Baron. When I speak I speak from the heart, but when you speak you give me ‘Who’s your daddy lines” This isn’t the independent wrestling leagues, this isn’t NXT, this isn’t Smackdown. This is the major leagues and when you have a pitcher on the mound throwing 110 miles an hour, you better be ready to step up to the plate. You see I don’t earn respect, I demand respect. And while you may be the bathroom break of Smackdown, I am the whole damn show of Monday Night Raw.
Match of the Week: AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal

I started this edition way too late, so that will be all I have to say for this week and maybe I’ll leave my leftover thoughts for next week. But it’s wrestling so I know those thoughts can become quickly irrelevant. However I will just remind us all that Wrestling is awesome now. (look below)

Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling

Raw / Smackdown Is….

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I only had fear when I heard Stephanie McMahon’s music kick in. I credit her as being one of the best characters on the mic. However we are beyond using Authority storylines. It’s an old trope that handicaps the New Era from growing through natural and individualized storytelling. Authority always has the same notes of getting screwed or trying to screw them. There’s no grey just black and white. If this is a seed to grow a Triple H against Angle than I will accept Steph’s role to work only on that program. But please stay away from all of the other talent.

So Emma stuck around while being upset about her status. She got to work and tried a new gimmick with her social media hashtag initiative. She went out being thrown to the unbeatable Asuka. WWE then releases her while Nia Jax takes a leave of absence, complains to the Rock which might be the largest public facing soundboard you can go to, and she gets to return and have a squash match against Bayley. My sympathy goes to so many of these disgruntled superstars. That figurative reach for the brass ring is tricky and how good you are isn’t always the determining factor to reaching it. Good luck Emma.
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Raw had another well paced week. Long matches and a stand out Intercontinental Championship bout between Matt Hardy and The Miz. My knock on Miz is how he can carry feuds week to week but his performance on a ppv often doesn’t live up to the build. This match with Matt Hardy shows he has the capability I just wished his good matches aren’t just the ones that sneak up on me but are the ones that were anticipated.
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Boy they got good use out of their cracked screen graphic tonight. Kane tombstoned Finn perfectly on the center spot of the crack. At first viewing I thought it was a flourish of production but turns out it was just a happy coincidence. The ramp had a lame spider-web graphic that worked better as an impact shatter.

Raw set themselves up as a horror movie, and I’m not talking about the Halloween Jack-o’-lantern match. We had foreshadowing in the form of garbage and a scared Miz throughout the show. Then the payoff was filmed with a Wes Craven touch.

One of my favorite match stipulations is the 2 out of 3 falls. It allows the wrestlers a breadth of creativity to change the routine and break away from their usual finishes. That is what Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler were given. Dolph took the first fall by striking Roode with a sudden superkick. We then went to commercial and got our Smackdown double box. I’ve always been in favor of the double box as we still get to see the action, however in this instance we saw too much of the match during a break. This was my match of the week and the second fall of it occurred while I was looking at Popeyes chicken. Could we possibly time these interruptions to take place during wrestler entrances instead? After the victory Roode was interviewed and his current character continues to not fit him. He doesn’t seem comfortable being a face and forcing a smile. “Smackdown up Raw Down, hashtag under siege”. The Bobby Roode I know is not a corporate shill. Is Roode going down a mid card route? Was his peak NXT? I will establish that this gif will be used for any NXT call up that loses their gusto on main roster.
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Elsewhere on Smackdown
bludgeon brotherspoet.jpg
Match of the Week: Bobby Roode v Dolph Ziggler 2 out of 3 Falls Smackdown
Quote of the Week: I wish you could pretend to be Booker T Byron then I would have a good commentary partner. – Corey Graves on Smackdown
I thought Marc Singer was the Beastmaster?
Wrestling isn’t everything, but everything is wrestling.

Raw / Smackdown Is….

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Ratings are up! WWE had one of its best quarters in history! Much of that was spent with Braun beating up Roman! Anyways that is good news for the company that is having some crazy weeks lately. People leaving, people getting attacked by the mumps all stuff that puts creative up against a wall, which is usually where they are at their best. TLC was going to be a good show with the Shield reuniting for one of their trademark chaotic tornado tag matches. It was going to be good but instead TLC was great!

Put AJ Styles in Webster’s next to professional wrestler. The man is a machine and the rest of the roster should be inspired by someone who can output a Match of the Year candidate performance at a drop of a hat. The circumstances were unfortunate as these two deserve a lead up and story, but the lack of one worked in their favor. When creative didn’t have much time to drum up a storyline, they had to just go with real life. They’re leadership of that “Notorious” Faction in Japan. It was all the fan service that was needed. Now this match served as an appetizer and further solidifies the notion that these two can be WWE’s greatest artists. When they next meet, the match can be built up as something the WWE has never seen and give us an NJPW style bout. To further add insult to WWE competition, this was their official Twitter background.
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So Kurt just opened Raw with the same opening line from the TLC video package. “Every story has a beginning, middle and an end. And last night I wrote a new chapter”. Are they saying that no ending has occurred and Angle is continuing with a new chapter? Or was there an ending and now we’re on to a new story. I should just gloss over my questioning and point out Angle calling the WWE Champ Jinder Mae-Haul. This brings an end to my corrections paragraph.
Let’s touch on WWE’s comedy of late. It hit a homerun with Fashion Files which is now growing a little long in the tooth. We all want to walk with Elias as he’s shooting 100% on every song. Jason Jordan got his best crowd reaction by throwing vegetables and why not. His “dad” always got over with comedy and gallons of milk, maybe Jordan can do the same with produce. Enzo’s faction is giving everyone an opportunity to work the mic and Drew Gulak is in the lead. And I believe Sami Zayn has become self aware of his ska and its gif generating power. The comedy has stepped it up and helped the 5 weekly hours of programming brisk by.

Sorry I may be more in the mood for gifs this week so yeah expect less writing and more visual pleasure. I just want some laughs right now.
Kane killed Braun with a garbage truck so Braun will return as Super Shredder. And then we can see who is more of a monster.
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While watching the invasion I was jarred by so many superstars acting out of character. Suddenly the whole Smackdown roster needed a lesson in How to Be a Star and stop bullying the Raw interns. For the next month nothing should be considered Canon for the WWE Universe. Consider this your alternate universe till Summerslam. It asks you to suspend disbelief and forget about continuity, but don’t wrestling fans always have to do that for a marathon length at a time. I feel relieved in only having to sprint with this for a short month. I’m embracing the UpsideDown.

Match of the Week: Obviously AJ Styles v “The Demon” Finn Balor
Quote of the Week:

Wrestling isn’t Everything, But Everything is Wrestling

Raw / Smackdown Is….

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Go home shows need to serve the purpose of making stories come to a head. Serve as the boiling point where there is no more left to do than settle it with fists. For half a year now WWE has failed at producing a proper go home. Sometimes it was an issue of pacing where the prior weeks’ show acted as better go home. But for TLC they got it right. We spent less than 5 minutes with Kane’s return and now we have him injected into the main event. When Kane is involved there isn’t much that needs to be said, let’s just go straight to the ppv. Show only glimpses of the Shield ruling the yard and encourage us to want to see them wrestle as a unit at the TLC. A well done Go Home, WWE still has it in them.

YES!! Old Shield Swat attire has returned now we need Rollins yellow streak and only have Dean do the talking. Seth and Roman were silent members now with their personalities defined they don’t feel as singular of a unit. I’m glad to see smiles on their faces, I genuinely feel like they see this run as a vacation because compared to their singles careers, everything they’re doing with the Shield comes so easy.

I appreciate a video package updating me on the 205 story between Cedric Alexander, Jack Gallegher and Brian Kendrick. It gives us fans a chance to care about what is happening in the ring. The Crusierweight Tournement was amazing because the premise created the story for every match. Since the Cruiserweight’s RAW debut, they haven’t always had a story for matches. Since Enzo has moved to the division I have seen an effort to giving some context to what we’re seeing in the ring, and even if that means cutting the matches a little shorter, it’s okay because flips versus story is like choosing a summer blockbuster vs Forrest Gump. I’m going to choose Gump every time.
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That is my segway to the frightfest Balor and Braygail have been attempting. I know the term, Braygail, hasn’t taken off but darnit I’m sticking with it. My fingers are crossed that Abigail can actually turn out to be a female wrestler, but it probably won’t. It is too early to make Sister Abigail lose. We all know the Demon is what will be protected but now it will be at the cost of the debut of Braygail. The most I can hope for is a Dusty finish. The best I can hope for is the return of Paige. The Finn promo was a cool enough effect for TV, but I would imagine was perplexing in the arena.
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Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are a delight to watch. They have the potential to eclipse the Jericho Owens friendship. Zayn is becoming such a snarky sarcastic heel, no better evidence than his exaggerated mocking of his own entrance. Daniel Bryan did them a solid by actually being engaged in his job this week and not have his carefree attitude. Zayn and Owens Live are stealing the show. Hold them tight.

Match of the Week: NXT Triple Threat – Ember Moon v Ruby Riot v Sonya Deville
Quote of the week: Drew McIntyre- “A few years ago I thought to myself, the end goal is NXT championship. How am I going to get there?…. I worked my butt off, I was never home NEVER SEEING MY WIFE AND I SIT HERE NOW FEELING PRETTY GOOD. (an unintentional diss to his wife) &
“My name is Kevin Owens. This is Sami Zayn and he is my BEST FRIEND!”
TLC Predictions
The Shield vs. Braun Strowman, The Miz, Kane, Cesaro & Sheamus – Braun will get distracted on destruction and maybe run through a wall and knock himself out of the match. Miz will cower and eventually abandon his team. Kane will take the Shield table powerbomb and eventually eat the pin. WINNER: The Shield
Loser leaves Halloween Town.
The Demon vs. Sister Abigail – Bray and Finn will both be down. The lights will go out and Finn will be placed in some white bag vail similar to what Bray’s been wearing. Who put it on him? It was a shocking return of Paige. Oh My!! WINNER: No One (Dusty Finish)

Asuka vs. Emma – The easiest prediction I’ve ever had. WINNER ASUKA (4 minute match)

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore – I’m feeling that giving Kalisto the championship was just a placeholder and a thank you for your services kind of gesture. WINNER: Enzo Amore
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Wrestling isn’t everything, but everything is wrestling

Raw / Smackdown Is….

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Do not get confused. Raw is about The Miz and where he and the Intercontinental Championship go after this feud. Raw is not about the Shield reuniting, it’s about where the antagonists are placed after this high profile program. We know Shield members will go right back to their status before reuniting. Seth and Dean will remain tag champs while Roman returns to his yard owning lawncare. Though I must admit hearing Cole say “The Hounds of Justice” again brought a smile to my face.

It was a surprisingly big week at WWE. We had reunions, 3 title changes, heel turns, a man in drag? And a former champion walking out on the company. I’ll try to at least form a sentence for each occasion.

With all the steps forward WWE took this week the only thing that is sticking in my mind is Neville’s departure. Call it the pessimist in me. But I usually let the bad overshadow the good. I may have been part of the problem for Neville’s departure. I agreed with all the moves WWE has done with Enzo Amore. I never looked at it as his rise effectively burying other talent. I saw it as bringing charisma to a dry division. Neville saw it as the former. Like Cody Rhodes before him and CM Punk before that, I can not fault Neville for his decision. Taking another loss to Enzo wouldn’t have helped anyone. Enzo has established himself as the must watch mouth of the division, but the title should be represented by a top wrestler of the division. Use Enzo as spark for each guy that begins a feud with him. Enzo has to be the current day John Cena of the Cruiserweight, as far as being the guy to set others up for success on the microphone. On commentary Corey Graves has it out for Enzo. You don’t often hear so much commentary disruption during a promo. Granted, it was Enzo’s worse since joining 205 Live. But still Corey sounds like he has a vendetta against Enzo now and it may be related to Corey’s former tag partner Neville quitting. When Neville refused to take the fall to Enzo, Kalisto was inserted into the title opportunity and gave us one of those rare Raw title changes to remember. Where the division goes from here is anyone’s guess. Was there a title change only to distract from the Neville news? Will Kalisto move forward as a fighting champ or will Enzo regain the championship and have his no contact clause nullified? Either way, No One Was Ever On The Neville Level.

In more pleasant news. They did it!. They turned a babyface underdog into a seeing the light heel. The options for Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have increased ten fold. Sami can get a prime spot working with Shane. Kevin can play the ringside support role and take a little bit of time to heal from ailing injuries. Sami and Kevin can recruit a guy like Dolph and form a team for Survivor Series. Owens can start a babyface run when Sami shockingly turns on him. The roads are open and Zayn is free from the gridlock now.

I’m confused. Is Sister Abigail just Bray in drag or could I actually expect an actual flesh and bone person. Maybe she is the counter to Finn’s Demon. Is this another excuse for Finn to bring out the Demon, or will Finn the man lose to “BrayGail” at TLC to set up a final Demon vs Drag match at Survivor Series? It’s Spooktober so I’m continuing to allow this program to be B-Horror level fun.
There is a great disturbance in the Force. We have a new enemy.
Aww Smackdown started with a tearful show of appreciation. A peek into the Usos painful life and mutual showing of respect between rivals. The Smackdown tag picture has sneaked up on me to become a formidable division. It seems as though they are cutting off the Uso’s New Day rivalry at the right time. You never want too much of a good thing and teams like Breezango and Gable & Benjamin are capable stealing shows. I wouldn’t say any team, other than New Day and Usos, are ready to be champs. But they can take a few dirty loses as the build to a championship level.

I figured the insertion of Tye Dillinger to make the Hell In A Cell U.S. Title match a triple threat was only a way to protect AJ Styles from taking a pin. But then on Smackdown AJ took a clean pin. This won’t hurt AJ as he can take losses and still be as over as ever, but I fear for the United States Championship. AJ was never able to fully develop the open challenge and I can’t see Baron doing anything original with his reign. I hope to be wrong. I hope he gets his own talk show. The Wolf Cave with Baron Corbin where he can tell the crowd “You’re Not Me”.

Quote of week: TIE “Here we are in Kevin’s heaven” – Kevin Owens &

Match of the week: TIE Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Johnny Gargano at NXT & Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon at Hell In A Cell
Wrestling isn’t everything, but everything is wrestling