Raw / Smackdown Is….

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I’ve seen security footage. Technology has come a long way and is no longer black and white running at 12 frames per second. We finally saw the betrayal we’ve been waiting 4 weeks for and Cass has been waiting a year for. Everyone knows Enzo is a man who runs his mouth and gets knocked around for it, but at least he had a soulmate in this world that would alleviate any of his ass kickings. If you’ve ever seen any backstage interviews that have documented Enzo and Cass’s rise you would know that was a genuine tear. Cass himself must’ve been getting a lump in his throat too. Enzo and Cass’s relation was immensely relatable and their breakup was deserving as Raw’s final segment.

The problems with Money in the Bank were absurdly obvious, so much so that it had to be done on purpose with full awareness of what the backlash would be. There is no way the creative team would be that oblivious. And the quick reactions on social media’s from the women, Shane, Steph and Daniel tells me they expected the backlash. For how revolutionary the first Women’s Money in the Bank match was supposed to be, it turned into the kinda controversy WWE loves to produce so they can boost their ratings. With the network, ratings must matter much more than ppv buys now. The argument against this is that it is a good wrestling story. For all intensive purposes, James Ellsworth is hardly considered a man. He is portrayed as Carmella’s puppet and can be easily beaten by any female. In a twisted way it was more empowering to Carmella to have Ellsworth so under her thumb that he would do this. Smackdown swiftly solved the dilemma by stripping Carmella of the briefcase and setting what would be a ratings boosting Money In The Back match next week. Carmella may have found a new dynamic to her character. Directly addressing internet trolls, an opportunity no one takes advantage of. The problem was Carmella wasn’t the person earning heat, it was Ellsworth and the booking decision.
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Naomi kicking out of Lana’s finisher was a mistake. You have immediately hurt Lana’s power. You could’ve easily protected her finisher by having Carmella come out to tease her cash in at that moment in the match. But instead Naomi kicked out and it wasn’t until later that Carmella came out. Carmella did seem to distract Lana more so than Naomi, however she was not the direct influence to Lana’s loss. The match was serviceable and way above Eva Marie levels. Lana looks good performing moves, chaining them together into having compelling matches will come in time.

I can’t imagine anyone new to watching Raw would listen to Roman and assume he’s a good guy. Do good guys go around acting privileged? Do they say their the number one contender two months prior to a match? Roman continues to be WWE’s top heel. If he was flipped to be a traditional heel, instead of this babyface with a piss poor attitude, people might actually begin to like him. His entitlement and arrogance only tells me he’s been scripted to troll audience. Until there is a definitive move in Roman’s character, the crowd is going to remain confused.

BRAUN!! Can we ever believe injury reports any more?

Elias has been rocketing up the charts. Throwing a wrench into Dean’s plans and now having a face off with Finn Balor. Not too shabby for a guy whose character was destroyed in NXT. Bo Dallas gave a good showing, possibly to the detriment of Finn, though I could see Finn being a nice enough guy to allow Bo to shine a bit. We later saw Bo and Curtis Axel align themselves with The Miz. Wait is Miz assembling a Marine 5 entourage? Are we expected to be an audience that has seen a WWE film? Get serious.

That WWE 2k18 Commercial was an Incredible a tone setter. Hopefully I won’t have to mute the commentary this year.

Seth is the only person to come back at Bray matching him theme for theme, ideology for ideology. The top rope dive to the ground was the coolest spot of the night, and then after showing replays we see that they got color only intensified the moment. It reminds me how blood is under utilized, blood can be used for story psychology and it has largely gone forgotten. We’ll never see a Stone Cold passing out in blood moment again. (shout out to the “Localize Mother 3” sign.)

Quote of the week: Seth Rollins – Life is about defining who you are. You make that decision. We’ve all made mistakes in our lives, all of us but that does not have to define who we are today. It does not have to define who we are tomorrow. It doesn’t have to define who we are in the future. We get to decide that.
Match of the Week: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler


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