Raw / Smackdown Is…

ball enters ring.gif
ball fyt me.gif
It was all laughs….. and then the “N” word was dropped twice
all laughs.gif
And WWE was like…
kermit afraid.gif

Quick hits this week.
Raw was more eventful than it is being given credit for. The lows were very low and useless to story like Dean teaming up with Rhyno and Heath. But the highs of Braun destroying Roman again and Samoa Joe choking Brock until he was above his normal level of red added more fuel to the fires.

Big Cass and Enzo acted extremely genuine. Enzo looks like a man who sees his career ending.

Raw ended with its first ever Women’s Gauntlet Match where Nia Jax lasted over 30 minutes before she fell to a modified bank statement. Sasha Banks hasn’t looked this great since the re-draft. Baylay was quickly dismissed and word is her TV time is getting cut down.

Smackdown didn’t have much, but thankfully they are still showing matches while running commercials. It’s a necessary evil of the two hour programming and certainly is something that the wrestlers need to consider when pacing their match, however The Uso’s vs Hype Bros came back from break and only lasted an additional 15 seconds.

The women have been in the spotlight and had an opportunity to redeem their Money In The Bank controversy. They had a better ladder match than previously and the direction seems to have Carmella pitted against Becky Lynch who are the two best women on the mic today. It’s a feud that can raise Becky in the power rankings, something her fans have been waiting for. Carmella can take losses now because she has the briefcase.

Smackdown has the Fashion Vice so that is always a must watch.

Match of the Week: It’s a toss up between The Women’s Gauntlet and Nikki Cross v Asuka in the first Last Woman Standing match. Nikki Cross is taking it, because she is just great with her mannerisms and character and they put on a Takeover caliber match.

Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling.


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