Raw / Smackdown Is….

look of betrayal.gif
The gangsta tears have been dropped. The 7 foot falls have been taken. The brotherhood has been unbounded. Enzo and Cass were given the opening of Raw which was a satisfying change of pace to have the undercard get the prime position. Enzo gave his greatest promo perhaps because he had no need to work with Cass. He no longer has to write for Cass, the seven foot catch phrase that Enzo wrote. Enzo nearly buried Cass as it became more obvious who the brains of the team was. I will be expecting CassHole shirts to be produced as Enzo’s final parting gift to Cass. “I have never heard anyone talk for so long without saying anything” lead to a backstage brawl. A perfect go home segment for the two. The hype has been built.

R.I.P. Bayley. Cause of death, revenge from all the dancing inflatables she has punched. I just don’t think the Women’s division is structured to have a John Cena archetype. Rumors have swirled that Bayley’s Summerslam story will revolve around her encountering her first kiss. If that is the case, she may be better off getting knocked out in the middle of matches. Raw has suffered since losing Charlotte and Smackdown has been on the rise, without even fully utilizing Charlotte. Smackdown has been able to plant seeds of branching story lines, whereas Raw only has a focus on the championship.

The go home segment for Brock vs Samoa Joe, had me worried. Brock did not put much acting into his performances. It was like seeing the cardinal sin of improv being committed. Brock was not Yes Anding anything Joe was throwing him. This lead me to believe Brock is losing steam in his dedication to this program. Hopefully he get’s professional and gives Joe a respectable match.

John Cena can go wherever he wants. If he is becoming an attraction draw than just like the Americans he represents he too should have the Freedom to go where he pleases fight anyone. America America America, Give me the Bulgarian Rusev. There is oversaturation with Jinder and Randy already claiming the national pride angle. I get that it was easy to retread these waters on Independence Day, but Cena can do more next week to steer it away from it.
russia is supreme.gif

The Miz continues to make the IC Title relevant and he absolutely spoke the truth about Dean Ambrose’s pendulum falling too far into the comedy realm to ever be taken seriously as the huge superstar he was rising to be after The Shield.

Match of the Week: AJ Styles vs Chad Gable

A lot of good quotes this week, but It has got to come from the rap battle.
“Keep this PG if you could, just don’t go rated R like your boy Xavier Woods” Usos.. Unfortunately they edited that out for Youtube.
“You turned the universe into believers, but please remember you were absolutely nothing till your wife put you on Total Divas” Xavier Woods

Great Balls Of Fire: Predictions
Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar (Universal Champion) – Brock will not be beaten in a manner that Goldberg had, but he will turn purple at a point. There is a chance Heyman will become involved which will help Joe to remain looking strong despite taking the loss. WINNER: Brock Lesnar.

Braun Strowan vs Roman Reigns – The bravest thing for creative to do would be giving any of these two a clean purely wrestling in ring win. It’s an ambulance match, so I will not be surprised if we just get a no finish double KO. WINNER: No Finish

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt – Bray needs momentum going into who ever he is feuding with for Summerslam. This is the position Bray always finds himself in, but if Finn is going to be the Summerslam program we need to see Bray get wins. Seth can eat a loss and still be wanted as a champ. WINNER: Bray Wyatt.

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss (Women’s Champion) – I would say Nia Jax will benefit from helping the Goddess Alexa Bliss. Her reasoning being that Sasha has defeated Nia and Nia will see an easier route to the title. WINNER: Alexa Bliss.

Enzo Amore vs Big Cass – Big Cass will squash Enzo. Enzo will keep on taking hits and keep on coming, he’ll be beaten to the point where the fans will ask for mercy. We will get a lot of shots of a weak Enzo looking up at Cass. WINNER: Big Cass.

Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling.


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