Raw / Smackdown Is….

There was an extremely busy week in and out of the squared circle. Great Balls of Fire is the best PPV of the year thus far. A classic iron man tag match. We saw Alexa and Sasha spark some in ring chemistry. An ambulance match that harkened back to the attitude era. And a furious crowd pleasing fight between Brock and Samoa Joe.

Did we see a double turn at Great Balls of Fire? Was Roman Reigns seeing his chances of being the top babyface fade away through the mirror of that ambulance? That was the buzz and excitement in the air going into Raw. But we were again letdown. It’s apparently okay in 2017 for a babyface to attempt murder. Roman, like the privileged chosen one he’s been acting like, appointed himself as the number one contender for the Universal Title. Brock laughed it off with a quick appeal of you don’t deserve shit. Logically Brock is right, Reigns loss his match. As did Samoa Joe, but I haven’t seen Brock enjoy work as much as he is now with Samoa Joe.

Braun is WWE’s top babyface and he is doing it with a very thin amount of dialogue. This week he even played on our empathy strings as he valiantly stumbled away from the caved in ambulance. Bruised and bloody, refusing help, determined to finish off Roman Reigns.
bebop limp.gif
Big Cass is getting the boos every heel wants. Time will tell if they’re boos of hatred, boredom, or we don’t believe you’ll ever be Universal Champion so stop wasting time. If anyone has ever doubted Big Cass, I would say they’re a good judge of talent.

So AJ Styles won the United States Championship at the hallowed grounds of Madison Square Garden. It is a rare occurrence to see a title change hands at a house show, but to do this every once in awhile should keep house shows intriguing. Why did Owens have to lose the title? Perhaps because they wanted AJ to bring back the US open challenge. He did exactly that on Tuesday, and Joohhnn Ceeena responded to the challenge.
walker popcorn.gif
I actually got off the computer, laid back and raised the volume. But of course WWE isn’t going to give that match away unannounced and for free. Instead we fell back into the pattern of turning this into a tag match when KO and Rusev interrupted. The dangling fruit of Cena vs AJ is too tempting to not put on Summerslam.
walker lever.gif

walker kick launch.gif
Final prediction on Kurt Angle’s controversy. It has come to light that he and Stephanie McMahon had an affair back in the early 00’s. This is something HHH does not know. This will lead to an Angle vs Triple H program.

Quote of the Week: Booker, “Samson looking to put himself in contentionship” Graves, “That’s not a word Booker”
Match of the Week – Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns

Austin Aries was suddenly released on Saturday. I could understand why Austin would be unhappy. He had all the tools to at least be a cruiser weight champion, but creative didn’t see it and now the last image of Aries is him with a sourpuss face.

Alberto Del Rio is continuing his campaign as the most insufferable piece of crap in the industry. There is a domestic abuse investigation underway, from an incident occurring at an airport with Paige. There is audio out where we hear Paige saying she always wants to get away from Del Rio. I feel for Paige and the roller-coaster of the last 2 years she’s gone through. Hopefully we can chalk it up to dumb youth and see her turn things around.

Talking Smack has been canceled. I want to blame 205 Live being a poor lead in. Talking Smack was the closest WWE gets to shoot interviews and one of the only places we see superstars let their hair down. The Miz and Kevin Owens were the best at using the platform, and Daniel Bryan ever had any qualms putting down Smackdown’s competition. Talking Smack, you will be missed.

Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling


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