Raw / Smackdown Is….

dont need therapy.gif
In what played out like a therapy session between scorned lovers, Seth Rollins finally apologized to Dean. He finally said the words “I’m sorry” in what was a heart cutting segment between the former Shield brothers. Will Dean ever get over the betrayal? Is payback still due? Did we really hear a Roman chant to reunite the Shield? It is obvious to everyone that the Ambrose vs Miz feud has to end. The Miztourage will serve as the catalyst for either a Seth Intercontinental run or an Ambrose heel turn. The Universal Title picture is going through a big man phase right now and it won’t end until Brock drops the belt. Keep all of these guys interesting by having the two hash out past grievances.

I like that they addressed this private matter needing to be handled in the most public way, you know being that we live in this social world we all might as well just spill all the beans because we can’t control what is shared anymore. This is footage of Kurt Angle’s final date with Jason Jordan’s mom.
angle milk.gif
you are th father.gif
Remember when the Big Show was Andre the Giants son. It’s okay if you didn’t because he’s built a career outside of that first characteristic that was placed on him. I worry for Jason Jordan in the same way I would’ve worried for The Giant (Big Show) back in his debut. It took The Big Show a company change to not be identified as Andre the Giants illegitimate son. Jason Jordan can only hope to have enough longevity for this segment to be forgotten. In the short term this is great for Jordan as it gets him in the spotlight.
kid needs therapy.gif

Where this left Chad Gable was an uncomfortable scripted interview. With Talking Smack canceled I can only expect to see Renee Young to stiff line feeding interviews. She’s best off loose and off the cuff. I feel for her, it must be frustrating when you keep getting cut at the knees at doing what you do best.

Did Big Cass’ new theme change or just get louder and add some transformers noises. How can Enzo ever have a career in the ring after this feud, his notebook of quips must be running dry cause he is repeating lines. He is never anyone to fear. Even Spike Dudley was more of a threat.

We don’t need to bring up 9/11 for a silly Wrestling Flag on a pole match. I understand the overplayed patriotic angle, but we Cena should show some constraint. This is going to be a quick throw away feud before Cena’s Summerslam program.
cher ugh.gif

This is the best spot for Anderson and Gallows right now. They’ll change shows and invade as the beat them up bad asses. Breezango can afford a loss and it will maintain The Club in an angle the audience is already invested in. Plus Smackdown will get another great grappler in Anderson.

BATTLEGROUND predictions.
Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal – Jinder will win with the help of the Sig brothers. WINNER Jinder

John Cena vs Rusev – This will be the surprise match of the night. It is both mens PPV return and the flag gimmick is not too intrusive of a rule.

Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles – The US Title open challenge is too good of a concept to hype, to not keep the Title on AJ.

Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling


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