Raw / Smackdown Is….

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Smackdown continues to bounce back strongly after Battleground and Raw is putting more emphasis on its second hour over its first. As the Summerslam picture clears up, we may have injuries ruining plans. We also get a high profile roster cut that surely everyone saw coming.

Smackdown over delivered. It has gotten to the point where what are they having left for their PPV’s. It is odd to complain about getting good free matches but that is where we stand. Last week Smackdown had to recover from an awful ppv and this week they’re Summerslam picture took a clearer shape.

Smackdown continues to have a smoother opening flow over Raw. This week we got straight into a US Title rematch between Styles and Owens. This bout was another example of a rematch that turned out better on free tv over the ppv. The referee took a glancing hit that blinded him from seeing Owens shoulders raised during the pin. As a consequence we will now have a rematch at Summerslam with a special guest referee, one isn’t as fragile as a toothpick. Would’ve been cool if Daniel Bryan chose himself instead of Shane O’ Mac but WWE can’t risk Bryan having any contact.

I won’t be shy to say that Nakumara has been underwhelming since his call up. However John Cena is at the point in his career and schedule that he is best utilized putting guys over. No longer can anyone say Cena only has the five moves of doom he has been giving high calibur matches for a long time now and helped bring out the best in a guy like Nakumara who finally got to work with a ring general like Cena. Grant it Nakumara dropped Cena on his neck and that was a kind of highlight you only see in Japan, it only added to a match better than any Smackdown ppv has provided.

After the show went off air Baron Corbin attacked Nakumara while 205 was airing on the Network. Original planning was for Corbin to interfere during the match, but perhaps WWE want people to turn the network on after Smackdown so for the first time they continued a Smackdown story on 205. Corbin then received an AA from Cena through the announce table, kicking off a Cena vs Corbin program for Summerslam. This will be Cena’s last Smackdown program before transitioning to Raw after Summerslam. The Nakumara vs Jinder program cuts the legs off of Jinder’s argument of xenophobia. Nakumara is more foreign than Jinder, but he’s beloved. Unfortunately the WWE Championship has fallen far from grace since the introduction of the Universal Title. I am hoping a significant win by Nakumara can help elevate it back.

Raw basically ended after the triple threat. I enjoy a main event match not going on last, because this way I won’t calculate how much time the match will be given. However it makes the remaining hour become a cool down period before the next days Smackdown.

Are there any two people that are as talented on the mic but no longer have anything intriguing to say as Bray Wyatt and Enzo Amore. When you become all bark and no bite it become impossible to believe in your character and we start to question if you even believe in yourself. Enzo has become repetitive going back into the bouncing checks analogy he’s done before. Bray continues to find his motivation for fighting someone out of thin air. Always something about their world not matching his. I expect Finn and Bray to have a good match at Summerslam but I want to see the reasoning for Demon Balor be more focused than we see now.
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The Raw tag division has gained momentum since Revivals return and the new development of The Club becoming tweeners. It is a shame that the progress won’t have the reward of Tag Title gold. The Shield storyline will take precedence in the division and the titles will become the reason for their uneasy alliance to continue.
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Brainstorming ways we can see Seth regaining Dean’s trust. Trust falls? Warning him not to open that soda cause it was shook? Have Dean drop a dollar and Seth return it to him. We need to see some bound reform between these two, before there is a miscommunication that will push Dean over the edge.
Dean’s heel turn should be based on a psychological breakdown of him not being able to forget and forgive. He is not ready, but it’s as if too many people are pushing him to do so. Then Seth can win the IC belt and that will be another thing Seth has taken from Dean and then boom Dean snaps.

Bayley’s injured shoulder is sad. It may be the wrong time for it to occur to her, but may be the best time for the women’s division.

How I think she will be remembered. She had a job solely off her look that was mostly make up fake boobs and a hair color. Her longevity was based on her Total Divas role. She tried to use wrestling as a stepping stone. Fans see through that BS and have booed her out of the business.

Quote of the Week:
Corey Graves talking to Revival about their Twitter feud with the Hardys. “ just to be fair I reported them on twitter on a terms and service violation”

Match of the week: Nakumara vs Cena

Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling


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