Raw / Smackdown Is….

hes her lobster.gif
I think by rule we are not allowed to have both Raw and Smackdown be good in the same week. They have to take turns. Raw moved their stories forward and is forced to make adjustments due to injuries. Raw and Smackdown were both in Toronto or as Graves and JBL would say, because they probably had Vince in their ear, Bizzaro World.

The feud of the year is Braun and Roman’s to lose. This has made Braun a star while not burying Roman. Constant exhibitions of power have been shown by both men. And we can continue to question which of these two are going to be “The Guy”? Usually we have this question while a heelish authority are pulling strings. Instead we have one experiment being the benefactor of a previous experiment. Even if Roman is “The Guy”, at least this long feud has given us the illusion of WWE souring on him and choosing Braun. Regardless if we keep getting more chair throws and runway spears, I’ll stay invested.
The will they won’t they between Seth and Dean is classic sitcom fodder. The Ross and Rachel of current times. Next we can expect for them to realize they are each other’s lobsters. This week they had the Toronto crowd in the palms of their clenched fists. An extension of five knuckles teetered the hopes of a city. A friendship reborn or a cut dug deeper. Two years of unspoken tension finally has its spotlight in the simmering summer sun.
Bayley is too normal and too nice and she shouldn’t acknowledge boos just because the crowd isn’t buying into her goody tooshoesness. Corey Graves says Toronto is Bizzaro world but I think they’re just astute at seeing through the veils. It’s Canada, where screw jobs happen and wrestling reality began. I think WWE thought Bayley could have an “I Lost My Smile” moment, but it became another Bayley segment where her sweetness backfired.

Bayley became the girl that cries wolf. If you are always the oh chucks me, feel bad for me promo. When it comes time for a In Real Life reason to feel bad for you. You have already spent all your good will. She has to find an edge to her character. She can still remain a kids favorite with that edge. WWE needs to understand that kids can still eat up all her merch and happiness when that is part of her presentation, but with Bayley presentation and character need to be separated. When she finds that edge it has to turn her into an in ring bad ass with actual confidence. She does not have to be turned heel but need be more steadier and stern than her inflatable dancing tubes.
beavis frustration.gif
Jason Jordan’s entrance music is more bland than any jobber they’ll throw at him. This week we were lead to believe that random wrestlers are just allowed to be backstage at Raw. And despite having a roster with the 100 in a row losing Curt Hawkins, all you have to do to get a match is be walking down the hall. Jean-Pierre Goulet got more of a pop than Jason Jordan.
Yes Finn, based on Bray Wyatt’s record we can confirm he doesn’t care about wins and losses. That scale has way more chips on the L side. The pattern in Bray Wyatt feuds continues. A segment where lights go out, check, segment where he talks on screen, check. We’ve seen Bray doing the same thing for a year now and it doesn’t matter who he’s facing. Watch any promo Bray’s had and you won’t know who he’s in a program with because they all blend together.

Smackdown was a disappointment, probably because Raw was good and we can’t be spoiled with too much good. No stories progressed forward or added new depths. Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles was the segment of the night as it is a feud where continuity actually matters. Something that WWE often forgets. But to bring up video of guest referee Shane screwing Stone Cold back in 1998 was a joy we never knew we needed. It now adds doubt to Shane’s ability, while also looking like a possible detriment to either competitor. I still find it peculiar what WWE edits out of their YouTube clips. They usually take out anything that is shoot worthy like, “Canadians know all about a McMahon screwing them over, the only difference between now and then is that guy deserved it”.

Cena has become Meta and is having fun being extremely self aware. He’s calling himself Super Cena and saying how rare it is for him to lose cleanly. At this rate the rest of the world will follow his meta and actually cheer him wholeheartedly at Summerslam. It will be easy too, being that Corbin has all the charisma of a dead battery. My interest in this program will peak if the Money In The Bank contract is put on the line. As of now my interests is based on if the crowd will latch on to “skinny fat or dumpster fire” chants.

Fashion Files….. Please end at or right after Summerslam… you are teetering on overstaying your welcome.

Quote of the Week
Kudos to Graves for The Simpsons reference “These two are like the modern day Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy” look at Enzo wearing shorts over his yoga pants
Match of the Week
Braun vs Roman – Last Man Standing (The Flying Chair)

Wrestling isn’t everything but everything is wrestling.


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